Our Team

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Krzysztof Wiśniewski

    An optimist, a visionary, a talented master of creative thinking. In connection with his growing organization, after hours he develops his talents in preparing old yachts for sea expeditions. Pragmatist of upcycling, advocate for chaotic order, nothing is impossible, it is only difficult to find.
  • Chief Operating Officer

    Eryka Ryłko

    Enthusiast of spontaneous travel - after graduation, she set out on an expedition around America and Australia. Passionately reads beautiful literature and reports. As part of a healthy lifestyle, she goes on canoe or bicycle trips. What distinguishes her is her sense of humor and love for four-legged creatures.
  • Chief Technology Officer

    Piotr Muszyński

    A nonconformist by birth, a programmer by choice. Programming is his life's passion. He will not pass indifferently by something that can be programmed. In his spare time, a fan of Netflix, books and entertainment in the form of video games. In moments of revelation, he plunges into thinking about existential topics.
  • Chief Project Officer

    Kamil Rzechuła

    Lover of water sports, hiking trips with a backpack and bicycle trips. In his free time, he watches Netflix or participates in various cultural and social initiatives
  • Project Manager

    Justyna Wasilewska

    A great supporter of constant learning, organizer of Geek Girls Carrots in Szczecin and mother of three wise women. In her free time she as fast as her legs can carry her, binge-watching netflix while ironing , and when nobody is watching her, she practices her fatality combo’s.
  • Process Owner

    Karolina Dylewicz

    She loves to spend time outdoors and on the dance floor. An connoisseur of Latino dances, long walks and sailing. In her spare time, she loves to explore the secrets of e-commerce and online activities.
  • Tester

    Ernest Wtulich

    A fan of traveling, scuba diving and water sports. He loves watching nature films, playing board games and is a cat enthusiast.
  • Backend Developer

    Rafał Pakuła

    A huge fan of Marvel and RPG games, both on PC and pen and paper. He loves gadgets. Spends his free time happily with his head in the clouds, in a good TV series or fantasy world. He likes spicy food and eagerly discovers new flavors.
  • Backend Developer

    Patryk Manek

    A fan of heavier sounds, Can be found in pogo at rock concerts. Ever since he became a regular gym visitor, even his lactose intolerance and cocoa allergy will not stop him from consuming a good protein shake.
  • Backend Developer

    Nikodem Gudynowski

    Farn of fantasy, manga and anime. For psychological balance he listens to punk rock. His real passion, however, is sleeping and agonizing about the meaning of life.
  • Backend Developer

    Maciej Jakubowski

    Loves to spend his free time actively, he’s a fan of sports such as football and BJJ. He also does not shy away from an interesting book or a good series. As a programmer, his an enthusiast of playing on every possible platform .
  • Frontend Developer

    Marcin Delektowski

    He loves spending time in a hammock somewhere among trees, with a laptop or e-book reader. He likes to ride a bike. Whenever he has time, he engages in good social or cultural initiatives. After hours, he transforms into a wedding photographer and tries to capture beautiful moments on camera.
  • Frontend Developer

    Mateusz Lewicki

    Functioning workaholic. Free time has a disproportionate influence on the speed of his operation. In his free time he runs, learns or listens to documentaries about modern history. Passionate about IT, travel and motorization.
  • Frontend Developer

    Jakub Kowalski

    Third year computer science student at the Maritime University. Programming web applications is his passion but also his work. He uses his free time in an active way. He attends gyms, travels and loves to spend time with friends.