Our Team

  • Krzysztof Wiśniewski
    Chief Executive Officer


    An optimist, a visionary, a talented master of creative thinking. In connection with his growing organization, after hours he develops his talents in preparing old yachts for sea expeditions. Pragmatist of upcycling, advocate for chaotic order, nothing is impossible, it is only difficult to find.
  • Kamil
    Chief Project Officer


    Lover of water sports, hiking trips with a backpack and bicycle trips. In his free time, he watches documentary movies, TV series (huge fan of animations) or participates in various cultural and social initiatives
  • Product Manager


    A mix of competence and positive energy. A financier by education, a salesperson by experience and a marketer by passion. Open communication, creativity and commitment allow her to pursue clients' business goals successfully. Ania is a fan of team working, she maximizes the effects using synergy advantages.
  • Justyna
    QA Specialist


    Fitness lover; thanks to regular exercises I find balance in my life. He loves good cuisine, although he prefers tasting than cooking. she is not afraid of any game, including a board game. Antony's cat carer, lover of good music. She is distinguished by the cheerful disposition and close mind of the analyst.
  • Data Content Specialist


    Extrovert, always with a smile on her face. She loves spending time among people with whom she naturally attracts and connects. The undisputed social geek. She is characterized by a fluent, analytical mind - she will find several solutions and answers to each issue. She has a great heart for animals. After hours, she devours books on psychology. She expresses herself through fashion and style.
  • Data Content Specialist


    Artificial Intelligence student, and computer enthusiast. Develops entrepreneurial skills through Hackathons and educational programs. In his free time, he reads and devotes himself to games that require constant planning. As soon as the temperature allows, he spends his time actively - running, cycling, or hiking in the mountains.
  • Business Analyst


    A man is responsible for translating the programming language into an idea, that is understandable to the client, and the user's requirements, into the zero-one world of the programmer. A link connecting projects, people, and businesses, so that they can achieve what they want in a common chain of actions. Unconventional, eccentric, and extraordinary. He will play a game after work. He likes pancakes.
  • Rafał
    Backend Developer


    A huge fan of Marvel and RPG games, both on PC and pen and paper. He loves gadgets. Spends his free time happily with his head in the clouds, in a good TV series or fantasy world. He likes spicy food and eagerly discovers new flavors.
  • Frontend Developer


    A lover of e-sports, computer games, and cinematography. In his youth, he ran servers in online games and took part in numerous e-sports tournaments. He likes to spend his free time talking with friends and taking long walks. A connoisseur of puzzling thrillers with unconventional storylines and surprising endings.
  • Frontend Developer


    An introvert addicted to cola zero. He loves more than cola only for his tomcat. A fan of computer and board games. Interested in innovative solutions and all technological innovations.
  • Maciej
    Backend Developer


    Loves to spend his free time actively, he’s a fan of sports such as football and BJJ. He also does not shy away from an interesting book or a good series. As a programmer, his an enthusiast of playing on every possible platform.
  • Daniel
    Backend Developer


    Persistently and against adversity pursues the set goals, addicted to computers since childhood. Lover of the English language. In his spare time he strives to elicit transcendent harmonies playing the electric piano. Occasionally likes to eat self-prepared Indian and Chinese dishes.
  • Piotr


    Declared petrolhead, culinary adventurer, modern technology and space-related science fan. Likes to kill his spare time during a long walk around the forest or simply chill watching a good movie. In the IT industry what he likes the most is the feeling of victory whenever a troublesome task is finished. As a child his dream was to work with super-computers.