Our Team

  • Krzysztof Wiśniewski
    Chief Executive Officer


    An optimist, a visionary, a talented master of creative thinking. In connection with his growing organization, after hours he develops his talents in preparing old yachts for sea expeditions. Pragmatist of upcycling, advocate for chaotic order, nothing is impossible, it is only difficult to find.
  • Eryka
    Chief Operating Officer


    Enthusiast of spontaneous travel - after graduation, she set out on an expedition around America and Australia. Passionately reads beautiful literature and reports. As part of a healthy lifestyle, she goes on canoe or bicycle trips. What distinguishes her is her sense of humor and love for four-legged creatures.
  • Kamil
    Chief Project Officer


    Lover of water sports, hiking trips with a backpack and bicycle trips. In his free time, he watches Netflix or participates in various cultural and social initiatives
  • Justyna
    QA Specialist


    Fitness lover; thanks to regular exercises I find balance in my life. He loves good cuisine, although he prefers tasting than cooking. she is not afraid of any game, including a board game. Antony's cat carer, lover of good music. She is distinguished by the cheerful disposition and close mind of the analyst.
  • Łukasz
    QA Engineer


    CDs and vinyl collector. He is interested in automotive and tech news. In his free time he watches Netflix or plays on the console. He likes bike rides and after that, he likes to experiment in the kitchen while preparing Asian dishes.
  • Karolina
    Project Manager


    Interdisciplinary brain the jar. Highly efficient computing entity focused on connecting the dots and system thinking in all aspects of life. Cat whisperer and superhero comic books lover.
  • Rafał
    Backend Developer


    A huge fan of Marvel and RPG games, both on PC and pen and paper. He loves gadgets. Spends his free time happily with his head in the clouds, in a good TV series or fantasy world. He likes spicy food and eagerly discovers new flavors.
  • Patryk
    Backend Developer


    A fan of heavier sounds, Can be found in pogo at rock concerts. Ever since he became a regular gym visitor, even his lactose intolerance and cocoa allergy will not stop him from consuming a good protein shake.
  • Jakub
    Business Analyst


    Until recently he mainly dealt with Russian-Polish translations, today he translates customer requirements into a language understandable for Development Team. Fan of all works balancing between art and kitsch. Interested in cognitive linguistics and transformational-generative grammar. He has a heart both for people and animals.
  • Patryk
    Frontend Developer


    He loves to spend his time actively and exploring new places, fan of sports like football or BJJ. In the evenings he likes to watch series on Netflix
  • Dominik
    Frontend developer


    Fan of traveling, good food and martial arts. He willingly travels to discover new places and tastes. He spends his free time on martial arts trening and meetings with friends. Likes watch a good series or playing games on Playstation.
  • Nikodem
    Backend Developer


    Farn of fantasy, manga and anime. For psychological balance he listens to punk rock. His real passion, however, is sleeping and agonizing about the meaning of life.
  • Maciej
    Backend Developer


    Loves to spend his free time actively, he’s a fan of sports such as football and BJJ. He also does not shy away from an interesting book or a good series. As a programmer, his an enthusiast of playing on every possible platform.
  • Daniel
    Backend Developer


    Persistently and against adversity pursues the set goals, addicted to computers since childhood. Lover of the English language. In his spare time he strives to elicit transcendent harmonies playing the electric piano. Occasionally likes to eat self-prepared Indian and Chinese dishes.
  • Piotr


    Declared petrolhead, culinary adventurer, modern technology and space-related science fan. Likes to kill his spare time during a long walk around the forest or simply chill watching a good movie. In the IT industry what he likes the most is the feeling of victory whenever a troublesome task is finished. As a child his dream was to work with super-computers.