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How to Transfer an Existing Institutional Website to Drupal?

How to Transfer an Existing Institutional Website to Drupal?

Choosing the right content management system is an integral step in the development process. Among the available options, Drupal emerges as a powerful tool capable of not only meeting contemporary requirements but also providing solid foundations for future growth.

Transferring an existing institutional website to Drupal is a strategic move that opens doors to modernity, flexibility, and efficiency. However, before delving into the technical aspects of the process, it's worth considering why Drupal has gained the reputation of a robust CMS.

Drupal not only offers a wealth of modules and extensions but also ensures robust security and ease of customization. Its active community means there is always support for any questions or issues. It's the perfect tool for institutions looking to not only maintain but also strengthen their online presence.

Transferring the Institutional Website to Drupal

Analyzing the Current Site

Before starting the process of transferring an existing institutional website to Drupal, a crucial step is a thorough analysis of the current structure. This is the moment when we identify key elements to transfer and any areas requiring modification. A detailed assessment of content, features, and site structure allows us to better understand the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Planning the Drupal Structure

The next step is precise planning of the Drupal structure. We select appropriate modules to optimize site functionality and configure menus, content, and other key elements. This is the moment when we design a modern and scalable site structure, considering the unique needs of the institution.

Data Migration

One of the most important stages of the process is the secure migration of data. This involves not only transferring content but also users, images, and other resources. Care and precision in this process are crucial to minimize data loss and maintain information consistency. We utilize migration tools available in Drupal, adapting them to the specifics of the institutional site.

Customizing the Look

Customizing the site's appearance is a crucial element of transferring to Drupal. We tailor the Drupal theme, ensuring consistency with the institution's image. Through modifications to templates, styles, and other graphical elements, we ensure that the site not only functions effectively but also presents itself professionally.

Testing and Optimization

Before the final deployment, we don't forget the testing stage. We check every aspect of the site, ensuring that all features work as expected. Additionally, we optimize the site for performance, a key factor for good site responsiveness.

Staff Training

Introducing changes to the content management system also involves training the staff responsible for site maintenance. We provide necessary Drupal handling skills to make it easier for the team to manage content and keep the site at its best.


Transferring an existing institutional site to Drupal is not just a technical process; it's also a strategic step toward the future online. Success in this endeavor means not only modernity and efficiency but also the ability to dynamically respond to changing institutional needs. Drupal not only provides a solid infrastructure but also creates space for continuous development, making it an ideal choice for those aspiring to online leadership.

However, deploying a Drupal-based site is just the beginning. Sustainable development requires constant monitoring, updates, and adaptation to new trends. With the solid foundation provided by Drupal, an institution can actively engage in the digital space, build user trust, and remain competitive even in a dynamic online environment. Get ready for an exciting journey where the future of your site begins with its move to Drupal!

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